We are still alive! We’ve been working hard to improve our data quality and also added a few new features.

  • We’ve got a snazzy new landing page and introductory video. The video does a far better job of explaining Thicket than anything else we’ve tried–go check it out.
  • Abstracts are back! You can now see abstracts over in the sidebar, for papers we have data for (if RePEc/Ideas has an abstract, we should have it too).
  • We’ve been trying to speed things up for large nodes (papers with thousands of citations). It should be working a bit faster.
  • We should be current with the RePEc archive as of a few weeks ago. We are still working on a better way to keep our paper data updated, stay tuned…
  • We now group similar versions of a paper, for papers where sufficient metadata exists. This should prevent Thicket from showing five different versions of a paper.
  • We’ve added “Recently-created Arguments” and “Recently-edited Arguments” to the Explore tab.
  • We failed to design a better process (than the one we had already built) to deduplicate Authors, despite working on it for way too long. The machines aren’t learning all that well, yet. If you are an economist publishing papers and you haven’t done it yet, go add yourself to the RePEc author service.
  • Unfortunately we’ve had to remove the Pick a Random Node feature because of some weirdness with a new version of our database. Hopefully that should be back soon.

That’s all for now. As always, sign up for our mailing list to keep abreast of updates, features, and new content.